Without an experienced advocate to navigate the legal system, the process of going to court can be very overwhelming to those unfamiliar with it. Elizabeth Gaudet is a lawyer based in Toronto with over 19 years of courtroom experience in criminal and child protection law who has helped hundreds of clients in the GTA and surrounding regions, successfully navigate the system.

Elizabeth’s approach to the practice of law is based on communication, preparation and knowledge. Direct communication with the client is very important. This is after all, the client’s case. Therefore, in each step of the process, it is paramount that the client know what the lawyer is doing and why she is doing it. Elizabeth takes the time to explain the legal process to her clients. She will seek her client’s input and instructions when developing their case.

Preparation is the most important aspect to winning at trial. Preparation helps limit surprises at trial. Elizabeth prepares cases thoroughly with the client and through legal research to ensure she can maximize the client’s position relative to evidence to be adduced at trial.

Knowledge of the law is paramount. No law or regulation is static. The law made by judges changes daily. Elizabeth invests many hours each year studying the law in  courses and seminars to educate herself on the latest developments in criminal and child protection law. This enables her to guide her clients in the most pragmatic fashion at trial. Her name is well known as an advocate of legal education and a willing participant in perfecting skills involving advocacy and research.

Please contact Elizabeth's office to schedule an initial consultation about your matter. Elizabeth can be reached by telephone at 416.604.8242.
Barrister and Solicitor
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